Louis Bedwell

  • Me in 30 seconds.


    I'm a storyteller, problem solver, fundraiser, and advisor.


    I'm fascinated by learning, focussed on helping others to solve problems more creatively and hell-bent on leaving things better than I found them.


    I'm inherently curious about the world.


    I love pushing boundaries - both mentally and physically.


    Interests: Food, design, business, technology, the environment, education, social change, health, and science.

  • About me


    Since 2012 I have raised £10,000 for charity, used powerful storytelling to help businesses grow, placed products into supermarkets, trained as a nutritional advisor and in a single year covered more than 4,500 miles on foot.


    I've broken world records, co-authored best-selling books and given more than 200 keynote speeches and lectures.


    I'm an advisor to businesses and mentor to people looking to take on new challenges.

  • Now

    What I'm doing now 

    Studying a BSc (Hons) Health Sciences. 


    Working with First Give.


    Speaking about my experiences.


    Sending this newsletter.


    Acting as a school governor, here.


    Working with a host of talented start-up founders.


    Planning an upcoming book project.


    Running, cycling, rowing and weightlifting.


    Thinking about this.

  • Challenges



    Sending a weather balloon to space

  • Speaking


    Workshop | Entertainment | School | Community



    I'm a public speaker who has delivered more than 150 lectures across the country. From school groups to awards nights and business events to pitches, I have become a highly acclaimed speaker covering a wide range of topics including goal setting, overcoming failure, grasping opportunities and workshops covering fundraising and making your ideas happen.



    To find out more please email talks@louisbedwell.com and request a speaking brochure.

    Sam Norman- Bridge Global

    “Louis took part in our full day event and was fantastic. His talk was inspiring and pitched at exactly the right level for our audience and he more than held his own with professional adventurers and successful Entrepreneurs. I look forward to hearing more about his exploits in years to come.”

    Chloe Williams- Cancer Research UK


    "Louis spoke about his year of fundraising for Cancer Research UK through The One Expedition to a large mixed audience in June 2014. Louis captivated the audience with his tales of adventure and danger. The audience were laughing one minute and crying the next.


    Giving a presentation, Louis held the attention of the audience and conveyed passion and emotion throughout. Louis’ talk was inspiring and left the audience wondering what more he would go on to achieve, and also questioning their own limits and how each and every one of us could push our limits to the max to achieve great things.


    I am sure that we haven’t heard the last from this young intrepid adventurer, and I can’t wait to hear what is next."


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  • Compass

    Compass. The book.

    Stories are powerful.


    They can inspire, educate, move and motivate.


    Compass is a book that will do all of these things.


    Business leaders, record-breaking adventurers, philanthropists, scientists and professional athletes will tell their own 500-word stories about how they navigated some of the most difficult challenges in their life.


    The book will be a labour of love and have a deeply personal meaning. Calling on the help of friends, colleagues and contacts will allow Compass to donate 100% of its proceeds to charity.


    50% to Cancer Research UK and 50% to The Hospice of St Francis.


  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ideas.

  • Personal Projects.



    To provide a bi-weekly newsletter containing the finest curated content on the internet.


    4 (point) Review:

    Actionable bullet point book reviews posted to Instagram.


    The Oven:

    A monthly meet-up of those working in food who want to use their skills for good.


    The One Expedition:

    A year-long quest to raise £10,000 for charity via a series of extreme physical challenges.


    Typhoon Nutrition:

    Providing nutritional consultations and natural energy products in four original flavours.

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